Joey Feek If Not For You

    Joey Feek If Not For You - One year after Joey Feek‘s tragic from cervical cancer, her husband, Rory Feek, has released an alof music from his late wife.led If Not For You, the Filmed on location at the Farm of Joey+Rory in Pottsville, TN To Joey, With Love: Official Trailer by Joey + Rory on YouRory, a songwriter was a single father with twoage daughters, and Joey was working at a The of Joey Martin Feek, while not sudden, has been a tragic loss for the country music community. Many have followed the journey of Joey + Rory through their Joey Feek If Not For You.

  • "If Not For You" - Joey + Rory

    Upload date: 27-05-2011
  • If Not For You

    If Not For You

    Upload date: 04-12-2008
  • "If Not For You" By: Joey & Rory

    Upload date: 12-04-2012
  • If not for you

    If not for you

    Upload date: 04-06-2009
  • Joey+Rory - If I Needed You (Live)

    Joey+Rory - If I Needed You (Live)

    Upload date: 27-10-2014
  • Joey+Rory - When I'm Gone

    Joey+Rory - When I'm Gone

    Upload date: 09-07-2012
  • Joey + Rory -

    Joey + Rory - "If I Needed You" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry

    Upload date: 18-02-2016
  • If Not For You - Joey and Rory - cover

    If Not For You - Joey and Rory - cover

    Upload date: 07-02-2013
  • Joey & Rory

    Joey & Rory "Lord help my man if he's running around" AWESOME SONG

    Upload date: 19-04-2010
  • Joey + Rory

    Joey + Rory "If We Make It Through December"

    Upload date: 17-12-2011