Keyakizaka46 Futari Saison

    Keyakizaka46 Futari Saison - Be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest changes and to interact with thousands of fans worldwide just like you! This week's most popular songs in Japan, ranked by the Hanshin Corporation and based on radio airplay measured by Plantech and sales data as compiled by SoundScan Japan. Absence de Yonetani Nanami (米谷奈々未) ! Cela a été annoncé aujourd'hui le Samedi 22 Juillet 2017 sur le site officiel des Keyakizaka46 (欅坂46) ainsi que "Futari Saison" (2people Saison) is the 3rd single by Keyakizaka46. It was released on Nov,30. 2016. It was NO.1 on the Billboard Japan 100, with Keyakizaka46 Futari Saison.

  • 二人セゾン - Keyakizaka46

    二人セゾン - Keyakizaka46

    Upload date: 12-12-2016
  • Keyakizaka46 - Futari Saison <Vocal Only>

    Keyakizaka46 - Futari Saison

    Upload date: 26-07-2017
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  • 欅坂46/兩人季節 (中文字幕版) 首張專輯『抹黑純真』7.28.正式發行!

    欅坂46/兩人季節 (中文字幕版) 首張專輯『抹黑純真』7.28.正式發行!

    Upload date: 07-12-2016
  • Keyakizaka46- Futari Saison [ 二人セゾン ] (Indonesia Ver) Cover || Musim Berdua

    Keyakizaka46- Futari Saison [ 二人セゾン ] (Indonesia Ver) Cover || Musim Berdua

    Upload date: 17-02-2017
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  • 欅坂46 [Keyakizaka46] - Futari Sezon (Metal Ver.)

    欅坂46 [Keyakizaka46] - Futari Sezon (Metal Ver.)

    Upload date: 27-11-2016
  • Keyakizaka46 - Futari Saison (Orions Remix)

    Keyakizaka46 - Futari Saison (Orions Remix)

    Upload date: 20-06-2017
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  • 欅坂46 【二人セゾン】 ベストシーン

    欅坂46 【二人セゾン】 ベストシーン

    Upload date: 26-12-2016
  • Futari Saison - Keyakizaka46 Cover

    Futari Saison - Keyakizaka46 Cover

    Upload date: 04-06-2017
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  • Futari Saison/Keyakizaka46/Piano(Hard)

    Futari Saison/Keyakizaka46/Piano(Hard)

    Upload date: 27-05-2017
  • " 二人セゾン / 欅坂46 " 打ち込んでみた Keyakizaka 46 - Futari Saison

    Upload date: 08-01-2017
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  • [UNBOXING] Keyakizaka46 欅坂46 - Futari Saison_二人セゾン (TYPE B)

    [UNBOXING] Keyakizaka46 欅坂46 - Futari Saison_二人セゾン (TYPE B)

    Upload date: 14-12-2016
  • ถ้าเอาเพลงคุณบอยโกสิยพงษ์มาแมชอัพกับวงเคยากิซากะ46...


    Upload date: 17-06-2017
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  • 欅坂46「二人セゾン」2016-11-29


    Upload date: 29-11-2016
  • 欅坂46 / 二人セゾン_dance remix_remaster

    欅坂46 / 二人セゾン_dance remix_remaster

    Upload date: 19-01-2017
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  • [Lihat-lihat] Keyakizaka46 - Fukyouwaon (Type-D)

    [Lihat-lihat] Keyakizaka46 -youwaon (Type-D)

    Upload date: 22-05-2017
  • エキセントリックセゾン (エキセントリック×二人セゾン)

    エキセントリックセゾン (エキセントリック×二人セゾン)

    Upload date: 25-04-2017
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  • 二人セゾン / 欅坂46 (ピアノ・ソロ) Presso

    二人セゾン / 欅坂46 (ピアノ・ソロ) Presso

    Upload date: 13-11-2016
  • 他星セゾン (他の星から×二人セゾン)

    他星セゾン (他の星から×二人セゾン)

    Upload date: 04-02-2017
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  • 二人セゾン/欅坂46(Cover)


    Upload date: 20-02-2017